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PRAC Honorary Lifetime Member 1992

Dr. Carl Charsmith



"Life is very persistent . . . it comes in at all corners."

          Dr. Carl Sharsmith


How do you write 100 words about a person who others have written books about?


Dr. Carl Sharsmith is a very interesting and complex person who has devoted his life to interpretation and encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors at Yosemite National Park.


Termed "The 100 Year Old Ranger," Dr. Sharsmith has been working as an interpreter at Yosemite National Park since 1931. He was Professor Emeritus of Botany at San Jose State University from 1937 - 1974. Since his retirement 18 years ago, he has worked at San Jose University and as curator of the Carl Sharsmith Herbarium. He is discoverer of four new botanical species, one of which bears his name.


At 88 years old, Dr. Sharsmith continues to lead interpretive programs at Yosemite. He is as renowned for his gift of teaching as he is for his scientific expertise. It is no surprise that the Park Rangers Association of California has selected him as this year's honorary member.