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PRAC Educational Support & Scholarships

Scholarship Application General Information


PRAC accepts annual Student Scholarships applications beginning February 1st of each year.


Two Scholarships up to $500.00 will be available annually.


Download the PRAC Scholarship Application and carefully read the Scholarship Guidelines.


Applications and supporting materials must be received prior to September 30th. The PRAC Scholarship Committee will select candidates and make awards shortly after the application deadline.


When applying for the Scholarship please be sure to enclose all supporting documents and make certain all criteria for the scholarship guidelines are met. Students who are members of PRAC, enrolled in a program of study in parks and recreation management, resource management, forestry or a related field and enrolled in at least 6 semester units or the equivalent, during the Fall Semester are eligible for consideration.


Good luck in your academic preparation and career in parks and recreation.

The PRAC Board of Directors


For More Information e-mail the PRAC Scholarship Committee

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