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PRAC Honorary Lifetime Member 1998

Donna Pozzi



Many of us dream our impossible dream and go on about our lives doing the practical and safe, never really attempting our dream.


Occasionally, someone will come along with a totally impossible dream and never doubt its practicality. Always believing in the group to do what is right when led in the proper direction, relying on the few to work endlessly for the cause, and never doubting one's own ability to work tirelessly to inspire everyone with the righteousness of the cause and practicality of the impossible.


This year we honor just such a person, becaus, without Donna Pozzi's dream, her leadership, her tireless energy, and her faith in the cause, we would not have had a SAVE BODIE! Committee nor a Bodie State Historic Park saved from environmental threats.


PRAC weIcomes Donna Pozzi as their Year 1998 Honorary Member.