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What do you get for your dues?

The Signpost: How would you like to receive a great newsletter that has current news and events important to Park Rangers and staff? The Signpost is written by active park staff "in the know" who talk about the really important topics and issues you need to hear about in today's world. Become a member and get this access.

Training: Watch the Training page for updates. Become a member and get discounts.

Ranger Directory: Become a member and get direct access to park agency contacts. This directory was designed for the member who wants to know who employs rangers in the State of California and needs to know about their qualifications, training and duties.

PRACnet Membership List Server: Share ideas and opportunities, participate in a discussion directly with hundreds of park professionals. Become a member and get access.

Scholarships: These are granted upon review by the Scholarship Committee. Read about how to apply for a PRAC Scholarship. Become a member and get access.

JOBmart: Also available to members are the most current listings in the state. Park job employment information is also often listed in The Signpost. Become a member and get access.

California Parks Training Conference: Our annual conference is held each year in March, alternating between Northern in even numbered years and Southern California in odd numbered years. Become a member and get discounts on training and events.
How to Become a PRAC Member
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Membership Dues Structure

Category & Annual Dues
Active Membership, voting- 1 year regular membership $50
Active Membership, voting- 3 year regular membership $110
Active Membership, voting- 5 year regular membership $175
Retired Membership, voting $35
Associate Membership, non voting $35
Student Membership, non-voting $20
Agency Membership, non voting- up to 24 employees 6 mailings per year $100
Agency Membership, non voting- 25 or more employees 12 mailings per year $150
Supporting Membership, non voting $100 per year

Membership Categories

Voting Membership
a. Regular Member - includes permanent, part-time, seasonal, or managerial positions with uniformed park experience.
b. Honorary Member - includes any individual formally recognized for distinguished service devoted to the objectives of the association. An honorary member may be any person who is nominated by a member of any membership class and approved by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall receive lifetime benefits of regular membership, including registration discounts to the annual conference and training events, and all publications.
c. Retired Member - includes retired permanent, part-time, seasonal, or managerial positions with uniformed park experience.

Nonvoting Membership
a. Agency - includes park agencies which employ uniformed park personnel and agencies supporting the park ranger profession.
b. Student - includes full-time students interested in positions in parks as uniformed personnel.
c. Associate - includes anyone interested in the ranger profession, but who has not had uniformed experience.
d. Supporting - includes any individual or group that wishes to contribute financially to the advancement of the ranger profession; a supporting member may be a voting member if the individual meets the qualifications of regular membership.
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