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PRAC Honorary Lifetime Member 2012

Peter Douglas



In 1972 a young legislative aide to then Assembly member Alan Sieroty (D-Beverly Hills) became a key player in the drafting and passage of Proposition 20 in 1972, the Coastal Initiative.


Later, this same aide helped write the California Coastal Act of 1976, creating the California Coastal Commission. He eventually became its longest serving Executive Director.


Peter Douglas was that legislative aide who was so involved in landmark California coastal protection. For over 30 years he has worked diligently to maintain public access to our coastline and has successfully diverted thousands of development projects that were not in the public interest or would have devastated our unique coast. Mr. Douglas has been one of California's most vocal and successful defenders of over 1,100 miles of dramatic coastline.


The California Coastal Act that he helped author, contains the strongest coastal protections in existence, and gave the Commission the responsibility to enforce those laws. Mr. Douglas began his service on the Commission in 1977 as the Chief Deputy Director and in 1985 he was appointed as the Executive Director.


Mr. Douglas was a driving force, protecting California's unique and environmentally sensitive coastal lands. Since retiring in November 2011 he has focused on his writing projects, enjoying nature, and spending time with his friends, family and especially his grandchildren.


In honor of three decades of tireless and dedicated service to the people of California and our coastal environment, the Park Rangers Association of California is proud to select Peter Douglas as our 2012 Honorary Lifetime Member.