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PRAC Honorary Lifetime Member 2002

Kim Aufhauser


Kim Aufhauser is an instructor and the department chairperson for the Park Management program at West Valley College, in Saratoga.


He continuously promotes the park ranger career. He has taught us needed skills to perform our job and has guided many of us into becoming local, state, and federal park rangers. Mr. Aufhauser was a National Park Ranger for sixteen years prior to becoming an instructor at West Valley.


As a ranger, he developed expertise in wilderness search, technical rescue, handling wilderness emergency medical incidents (as a park medic and EMT), law enforcement, and death investigation.


Mr. Aufhauser holds an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University and a graduate degree in Experience Based Leadership Training and Program Development from Prescott College. Now he teaches students how to become responsible land stewards.


The Park Rangers Association of California welcomes Kim Aufhauser as our 2002 Honorary Member